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Our Psychiatrist Rehabilitation offers on-site and off-site services in the community for adults with mental illness. Our program’s setting fosters an atmosphere for change while maintaining a safe environment where patients and staff members work collaboratively.


Individualized therapy does not only address anxiety, depression, or a substance abuse disorder; it also helps clients reach their path to self-growth. We provide our clients with individualized approach during therapy sessions. Restoring and improving ones’ mental health requires a different process for each individual. As such, we are composed of licensed therapists who have the competence and compassion in handling clients at a wide age range and with different mental health struggles.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Mental Health Assistance

Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program offers Rehabilitation Services to  adult in need of therapeutic support. The sensitivity to the needs of those we serve is our goal.

To be eligible for our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program, you must be:

  • Age 18 years and older (adult)
  • Referred from Licensed Mental health Professional
  • Currently having ACTIVE Maryland State Medicaid

You can download our current brochure and our referral form to enroll in Golden Hands Homecare Inc.’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program.


Golden Hands Homecare Inc. provides therapy service conducted within a group of people, usually individuals who are facing similar issues, rather than between a mental health professional and the patient. This can help patients realize that he or she is not alone that creates a revelation and a huge relief to the person. In this way, the members of the group who have the same problems can support each other and may offer suggestions in dealing with a particular situation that they may not have thought of.


We are committed to providing the best care to the people we serve. We help clients who may otherwise be unable to access behavioral and mental health services. Through community outreach, our outreach staff provides them with appropriate supports and resources they need. Our services are intended to strengthen social, mental, behavioral and emotional functioning by enhancing self-awareness and compassion to facilitates meaningful change.


There are many reasons why patients fail to adhere to their medications. A few of the causes include vision or hearing problems, lack of education about their health condition or the importance of their medications, fear of side effects, prescription costs, and more. Some patients do not see the immediate impact of medicines on their health, resulting in their ceasing of medication intake.

Failure to comply with prescriptions does not only bring health consequences, but it can also further healthcare costs. To prevent this from happening, we offer effective medication management strategies aimed at improving medication compliance.


Certain circumstances, such as sudden death of a loved one, excruciating physical injury, natural catastrophes, and certain emotional troubles can cause long-term psychological trauma. Professional counseling services and compassionate support must be provided immediately to the victims. We offer critical and short-term care for our clients the time they need us the most.

Meet Our Professionals

Our Team includes Psychiatrist, Therapist, Rehabilitation Specialist, Case worker, and experts in various fileds. Our support staffs are chosen with the same exact attention. The members of our team represent the highest level of practice in their respective fields. We are one team with one goal and that is to improve the well-being of the clients we serve. Through positive strength, we can and we will meet the needs of those we serve.